Panangad - Cochin - Kearala - India

Sailing Club House

The Sailing Club House espouses the Spirit of Sailing with the simple pleasures of delightful living. Experience an inexplicable peace as the waters carry you towards the horizon on your sail boat. Leave your bustling lives behind and let nature enshroud you in its warm embrace. At the Sailing Club House we invite you to sail away into the sunset and leave your worries behind. Treat yourself to the grandstand view of Lake Vembanad, one of the largest lakes in the country. This makes it one of the best locations to let your hair down and raise the sails. Make a tryst with that special someone or have a private banquet for a small gathering on this secluded retreat situated just a stone's throw away from the national highway replete with luxurious amenities. Share the most important day of your lives with a private wedding on the lawns and the sweeping vista of the backwaters.


The Sailing Club House houses two individual bedrooms at the bungalows ensuring complete privacy for the guests. Melt into the luxurious beds in the bedrooms that are spacious and exude warmth and comfort or stay a little while longer under the shower in the attached bathrooms. Sink into the sofas in the living room and catch up on your favourite reads while sipping a hot cup of coffee or try out the local delicacies at the comfort of your private sit out attached to your room.


Enjoy an al fresco dining after a day of sailing and savour a refreshing drink with your family at the restaurant here. The delicacies on the menu are carefully selected to indulge your taste buds. Experiment with the spiceĀ­enriched flavours of the local cuisines.
Discover the perfect romantic setting here at the restaurant with a 180 degree panoramic view of the Lake Vembanad. Let the waters whisper their stories of far flung lands and distant vessels while you share your life's memorable moments with your loved ones over some delectable dishes..


Do you hear the ocean calling? Look across the waters from the verdant lawns of this quaint hotel and one might hear several sounds; from the distant echoes of a soft breeze to the rippling waters at your feet. Listen closely and one just might hear the call to take to the waters. Sailing, since the invention of the steam engines has evolved. It represents a man's desire to explore, challenge oneself and embark on a quest for the unknown. Here, one can take part in all forms of recreational sailing. The Sailing Club House organizes sessions for training and coaching the guests throughout the sailing season by qualified instructors. Dive into these sessions specially designed to introduce beginners to sailing, improve one's training skills and ensure one's personal safety in the waters. On a warm, breezy day take to sailing and you'll luxuriate in the magic of coursing the waters as if pushed by the invisible breath of Mother Nature.


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